In NEED of help with the WALLET


Hello All,
I bought some Burst coin from I wanted to withdraw so I got the burst wallet, the version is v1.3.6cg, then I successfully download it. it gave me passphrase and the burst account. So I went to and withdraw it. I double check the address and it is the same. From livecoin account. It successfully withdrew. Now I check my wallet, I still haven’t got it… Admittedly, I am new to this. I noticed it says to wait for blockchain to finished downloading. It has been 4 hours already. However, when I logged in online burst team wallet. It shows I have the amount there. Please educate me why it is like that. Thank you


The wallet won’t display your latest balance until it has had time to download the whole blockchain… which for me has taken quite a long time.

In the meantime if you’d like to use a wallet, you can log into the POC’s online wallet using the account and password you created in the local wallet.

You could also use a blockchain explorer to check the balance of your burst address.

Good luck :slight_smile: