Initial Burst Request

Hi I am looking to get started with burst and would like to request my first few BURST BURST-KHE2-28K8-SFWF-44ACS

Also, I just fished mapping 3 2TB HD and when I start the mining I get a warning that they overlap… did I plot them wrong? I just started plotting a 4th drive and it looks like its starting at the same nonce as the other 3
thanks for your help,

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Just sent you some Burst … And yes, if the starting nonce of your plot files are all the same, you plotted them wrong ^^ you need to make sure that the starting nonce does not overlap with your previous plot files. If they overlap, you waste space and if you plotted all your files with the same starting nonce you can now delete all files except for the largest one.

Btw no need to send that Burst back … Just come back in a few days and help out some other guy. If you are looking for a good pool to start with i would recomend to look out for ones with a big portion of historic share rather than current share. That way you get a consistent income without being required to forge blocks yourself. I joined the btfg pool and so far i like it ( it has a 10/90 current/historic share distribution ).