Initial Burst



I actually grabbed 1 Burst from a faucet and wound up setting my name instead of setting a reward recipient (whoops), now having difficulty getting one more to start mining. Any help would be amazing, thanks


Hey, I want to make sure this is your correct address


You said you set your name, but it is not set on that one.


Gah, you’re right. I had tried to make one more account for the faucet to try to transfer over (which also didn’t work) and posted the wrong one. The one with the name that I intend to use as my primary is BURST-SMWK-RKDW-BG2Q-63YCA - the name on that should be “CHB”

Sorry for the confusion, most of it’s on my end D:


LOL no worries.

But, I’m sorry to say that this BURST-SMWK-RKDW-BG2Q-63YCA address has no name either. Neither this one or the previous one you posted exists on the blockchain (has a public key).

I just want to make sure it’s getting sent to an address that you have the passphrase to, and are going to use.


I sent 2 burst to you.


Thanks - I’ll send some back over once I get some rewards :smiley:


Weird, I was definitely seeing the name still set; maybe a weird client issue. Should be fine now, though - set the name and my reward recipient with the 2 from Master. Thanks for looking in