Internal Vs External


so i currently have 4TB internal drives running , debating if i want to build out an internal hard drive rig for 50tb or go with 7 (WD - easystore® 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive on sale for $160 each)

so a few questions

Which do you prefer internal or external
Which is better( i know internal can be faster)
What is the best bang for the buck
Also i heard plotting on an external can take 8+ days

thanks for the help


I’m loving my 8 external drives, in fact about to buy 2 more.
Yes I think that internal can be a little faster but speed isn’t as big of an issue as you may think.

The externals that take 8 days (my Seagate 8TBs took about that long) are going to be SMR technology drives. Very slow to write, but perfectly acceptable for read, over and over and over again. I looked to see if your drive is SMR and I could not tell.

The best bang for the buck was Seagate external 8TB from Amazon $150. That is what I have been buying and perfectly happy with them.

Where are you sourcing your 8TB WD EasyStores?



The WD i found was on bestbuy at $160 ,

and thanks for the input , most rigs i noticed are external i thought it would be cheaper setup since you don’t need a massive power supply for you computer or need any other upgrades.

not 100% which i will chose yet


Wow, nice. I just might get those instead of the Seagates. Waiting a week before using 16TBs kills me.

I’ll do some more research.
The only thing that I don’t like is the number of 12V adapters you have to plug into the wall. They are very inefficient and there has to be a better way to power a dozen external drives, and I am working on that.



The internal drive of that 8TB WD EasyShare is a WD 8TB Red and that runs at 5400 RPM versus 7200 RPM.
Not sure how big of a difference that would make.

The seagate, the best that I can tell is 5900 RPM.

I’m thinking of buying 2 WDs tonight.


yea i was just reading the same, i would agree I’m going to grab 2 and see how it goes (bestbuy will match price for 30 days so always can get more)

good luck and let me know how compare to your seagate once you have them running


I just ordered 2 and can pick them up from a local store tomorrow after work.
I will let you know how well they plot compared to the Seagates( I do have like 7 of theses already and have been fine with them.)

I’m kind of OCD in that I like all of my drives to look the same, but that is silly if you can get better performace, etc.


Man let me just a say, these WDs are 3 times faster than the SMR Seagates.
I’m guessing they are the same for mining, just suck for plotting.
I should have a WD 8TB done in 36 hours, versus 7 days using Seagate.

I’ll check the read rate once I am done.

Based on the $0.10 value of a coin, cutting the plotting time to 2 days and with the WD at $159 and the Seagate at $150, I actually make the difference up in a few days.
And it should be a much more marketable drive if I ever have to sell them.



I just might buy 16TBs more before Sunday. Damn this is worse than Crack. :slight_smile:


awesome info, I grabbed 16tb online picking up form the store tomorrow. 36 hours for plotting isn’t to bad I can deal with that my internal 7200rpm take about 24 hrs or so.

how many TB total are you running and what have you seen on avrg as a coin return for mining


I did pick up 2 8TBs from Best Buy yesterday.
I’m currently at 56TB and these will bring me up to 72TB once they are done plotting.

I’m averaging about 500 coins every 3-5 days. I’ve mined 12,000 since I started 9/14/2017 with 16TB, then it was 30TB, now 56TB, etc.


According to the miner, the read rate on the Seagates is 18.4MB/s and the new WDs are running at 19.7MB/s. SO the read is a little faster on the WDs.

The write speed is easily 3 times faster.


currently plotting 32tb ended up going with 4 interested to compare the difference from my internal drives


I’m confused. Can you explain what you are doing in more detail?


I had 4tb only at first ended up grabbing 8 total externals for another 32 tb