Is CryptoGuru pool 50/50 a good pool? How do we judge?

I’ve been too proud to ask but, now realize without a pool I cannot solo mine at 3.5tb…

I’ve read that you need more than one coin to get into a pool. Is this true?

I plan to pay it back to the fountain that gave me my first coin. It only allows one coin per address:


I just read that we should have about 100 TB before we think about mining solo.

I think I also read that the 0-100 pool is best for low capacities because 100% of the reward is distributed based on “historical share”, which is based on your estimated capacity as a proportion of the pool (important if we’re not often going to actually “win”).

There’s a list of pools. I’m on PoCC 0-100 with about 10 TB and I get paid out roundabout how often the calculator says I should, so that’s good.

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sent you a burst so you can change assignment, also look at a pool friendly to small miners like this one

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This is good info to get me started on how to research pools, thanks.

I’m looking forward to actually getting something out of my mine. With solo mining so far: nothing… Pool mining seems like the only way to get something back without building a petabyte (or larger) mine.

Would I be right in thinking that if the calculator shows that 40 TB should yield 990 coins every 30 days (roughly) and that there are 994 coins per block, that mining solo I might expect to mine a block roughly once a month with 40 TB?

I’m a noob. But, that estimate sounds high.

Calculator estimates usually run high, but it can give you a rough idea.

Also, keep in mind that the mining difficulty is constantly increasing.