Is there a penalty at cryptoguru 50-50pool?

Hi everyone
I am trying to mine with two pc and using the same wallet but different plot.
Dose anyone know if cryptoguru 50-50 pool has penalty for submitting bigger deadline?
I think we all will send bigger deadline two different pc.

Let’s for leeting me know

I wouldn’t directly call it a “penalty” but yes, if you tend to send high DLs regularily, the Pool might underestimate your capacity in the end. You should adjust your targetDL on both machines to prevent sending DLs that are too high for your size. ( “Choosing a reasonable targetDL” or go to the Quick Info tab on and use the calculator) Set up both miners with the same targetDL (representing your total plot size) and wait for 360 blocks, your eff Capacity should get better.

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