Is this an error, or is it okay?


I’m still doing solo mining to test my setup and make sure I work the bugs out.
Every few minutes I see this:

----Fast block or corrupted file?----
Sent deadline: 13213591
Server’s deadline: 650486263834

Should I be concerned. I do have the NetTime service running so I am sure my clock is good.

Any info?



Use the logs to see which nonces it’s occurring in - if always the same plot file, look at replotting.


Is there any way to run a command to see if the plots are valid? I looked online and didn’t see anything definitive.

I’ll check my logs and post anything out of the ordinary.



there is no plot validator, beyond validating the size of the file matches expected size - nothing is available to validate the contents


Interesting. But there could be invalid “stuff” in a plot file?
I’m thinking there isn’t a need to validate a plot file, otherwise someone would have created a tool to validate one, or am I wrong?


A tool to validate a plot file would be awesome - currently we create a plot file, and have o assume the contents are valid - we have nothing to demonstrate that the contents are valid. @Blago - possible ?


If Burst is to go mainstream, it needs help in the ease of use category. I’m an idea guy but also a programmer, so I am not picking at the problems, but rather looking for solutions. Anyway that I can help.

Sadly I am not a C expert. C++, Java, Powershell, Perl, I’m good. So I will see where I can contribute.

It would be nice to plot a disk full of files and then run a quick command to verify that they will work well with the miner with minimal problems.