It's just me here


Hello, I’ve been in BURST for quite a while now and it’s a great community. Thanks Ryan for putting this forum together, take care and have fun :slight_smile:


Hey buddy! your not alone anymore!!


Thanks for coming in guys!


Hello everyone


Hi Gibs! Welcome aboard!

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Just joined :smile: let’s make this the best burstcoin forum!!! Go burst


Good Morning everyone. Suffering heavy duty Burst Forum withdrawal symptoms, so good to get a fix. :slight_smile:



Heyo! glad to see the new forums, looks nice :blush:


Hi all. I see some familiar names already. Cool!

Thanks @ryanw for the drama-free place to hang out. Your involvement with Burst has been positive; keep up the good work!


@Evo Thank you so much! I believe some big things are happening soon in Burst and I want to be a part of it :wink:


Hey everyone. Just created an account here. This is looking good.


Welcome, thanks for joining!


Hey @Snoops,
welcome to GETBURST.
I am glad to see you here, it has been a while.
This place is great and will just keep getting better and more fun.
See you around :slight_smile:


Hi man, your here as well.
Awesome :slight_smile:
well I will say hi to all of you at once :joy:
@Mimisusukiki, @RichBC, @HiDevin, @Evo, @crazydane
I am so happy you are all here.
This is awesome!
I have been waiting to BURST for so long :heart_eyes:
Have fun guys!