Java using crazy amounts of system resources


When running wallet and blago miner noticed after few days java is using crap load of system resources that it really shouldn’t be using. Around 3gigs of memory and 60-75% cpu. Look at where files are located and telling me the Java folder in qbundle. I shut wallet down and still using resources. Kill java running and restart wallet. Starts at 150mb mem and 2% cpu… within a day back up too using mass amounts.

Anyone know how to stop java from using so much. Is the j-miner running and that’s the issue? I don’t know a lot about how java works.



Hi @ultron

What wallet version do you run (qbundle or core) ?
I recommended you use Blago to mine with.
I have personally had Java issues with Jminer when running large numbers of drives.


@moverspool using current version of qbundle. Blago is my default miner . I’ve heard jminer is inculded in qbundle and don’t know if it’s running in background and possible reason for excessive use. How would I check? How would I turn it off?

Failing that jminer is running what else could cause it and can you set up to only use xx amount. Lagging my system out hard core.


Blogo is included in Qbundle not Jminer.
But I dont use Qbundle so im not 100% sure.
I recomend you do not have Qbundle running when you mine, unless you are solo mining ofc.
Start the miner directly from the Blago folder in the Qbundle dir.
You will have to manually configure the miner.conf


Thanks not to have wallet running was the answer. Think it’s the dB now consuming the resources.
Regardless it worked. Open wallet every few days just to update the block.