Jiminer problems with low speeds!


I have setup of 18x 8 TB disks. 15 are sata and 3 are usb. I run on single rig with Nvidia 1070 mini.

Jminer reads all in 60s with speed of 1400 mb/s max. This is very long as Ryzen 7 1700 can read same disks in 20s.

Am I doing something wrong with Jiminer as in forums people post 3000 mb/s reads

Can any asisst please?

​I am facing a similar issue with my GPU!

My GPU is an AMD M440 4GB and the first scan of jminer is at ~550MBps.

After the second scan and onwards, it drop to 80~90MBps, LOWER than the CPU reading rate.

My Intel i507200U will scan the 4TB drive at 9,2 seconds and the Jminer will require ~15seconds.

Any ideas?

there are memory adjustments that can be placed in jminer execution command one must look at luxes threads on burst team forum to learn more.

Hi ZapbuzZ,

I can’t locate a thread that says anything about memory configuration of Jminer.
Can you please point me to the right direction?


Find any thread that talks about CHUNKPARTNONCES. See below and please report back your findings.
My GPU reads my disks just as fast as my CPU miner. I have 150 TB EVGA NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI.

All things being equal I just mine with Blago Miner. If I join a new pool I use the GPU miner as it creates many more DL’s and seems to help climb the historic shares ladder faster. But for winning blocks I see (no concrete evidence) that Blago miner wins more blocks.


Hi all,

I have read a some threads on this issue, and after experimenting a lot with the chunkPartNonces parameter…I reached nowhere!:slightly_smiling_face:
Usually the course of events is as follows:

  1. On the first round of Jminer bursts at ~450MBps
  2. On the second round and onwards speed drop to ~75-80MBps, being slower than Blagominer.

Here’s a snapshot of my plot files, if it helps…

Something else that I noticed and I can’t explain it…
When JMiner and Blagominer are running simultaneously, Blago’s read speed drops at half(makes sense) but Jminer is stable! Jminer is not affected by the fact that 2 programs are scanning the disk at the same time!
Any ideas?

chunkpartnonces advice

the command (cmd) config

Hi guys,

I made numerous experimentations with the High flag and various values for the chunkNonce of Jminer and the cache size of Blago miner.
No major change occured what so ever…
The outcome is that there is a small increase in the performance of both mining program when I REDUCE the chunkNonceSize and the cache size respectively!
I used values around 6000 to achieve a decrease in the reading speed of about 1,5 sec(from 10 to 8,6).
I thought that it would be the other way around!:roll_eyes:

But I get the feeling that none of my GPUs are been used to the full. I have the CPU-integrated Intel HD and a dedicated AMD M440 4GB. Both of them, after an initial reading burst in the first round, they tend to be even slower than the CPU after the second round.Of course I have installed all the latest drivers.

problem is that GPu like 1070 cant read HDD as fast as Ryzen 1700x. That kills me as I will add from 10 diks to my 18 x 8 TB farm

jminer gives its best on server head units that is storage server hooked up to it. That is what the developer was heading for last time I read his intentions and on desktop/laptop environments I never personally got it to rise above 2 gigabits of data throughput.

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