Jminer config?

I set up my config file for jminer at least I think I did. When I click the run file I get an error message that reads- “This Java instance does not support a 64-bit JVM”. Any ideas??? If someone can help me get jminer running I will send a couple burst there way!

Here is how I have dealt with this (installing the correct Java version).

First, you need to have a 64-bit operating system. I’ll assume you do.

Go into Add/Remove programs and uninstall all instances of java there.

Then, go to this page to download the 64-bit version, and install that.

Did what you suggested but now I have this

I think I figured out the java issue but now I have error messages.

I haven’t ever used Jminer…so I’m not much help here.

It seems that it didn’t like your plotfiles, and also possibly it is being blocked from accessing the pool by your firewall.

Is there another Burst GPU miner?

Please copy/paste your config file.

here are a couple pics minus my actual numeric Account Id

info 2config 3

Your wallet server line is incorrect. You wrote when it should be

Did what you suggested but keep getting error

I just deleted the wallet line because its optional. Now I think something is up with the plot line.

fixed the plot line and miner is working and reporting to my pool. My dead lines are very high though. How can I lower them?

PS I will be sending the burst for your guys help!!! Thank you

For lowering deadlines, you just need more space. More space will products lots more higher deadlines as well, but also give you a better chance for low deadlines.

Glad you got it working!