Jminer not starting properly on Mac (first time)

I had trouble setting the reward recipient until I found a guide which told me to specify localhost in the URL :-1:hhtp://
that worked and my wallet is running and ready to go, but I’m getting
WARN 27577 — [TaskExecutor-85] b.j.c.n.t.NetworkRequestMiningInfoTask : Unable to get mining info from wallet.

             and it seems to think the plot files are 0GB - I have 2 TB

INFO 27577 — [TaskExecutor-86] burstcoin.jminer.JMinerCommandLine : START block ‘488597’, scoopNumber ‘3926’, capacity '0 GB’
2018-05-09 23:53:16.969 INFO 27577 — [TaskExecutor-86] burstcoin.jminer.JMinerCommandLine : targetDeadline ‘189216000’, netDiff ‘609782’, genSig '1e1f8a…'
2018-05-09 23:53:16.989 INFO 27577 — [TaskExecutor-87] burstcoin.jminer.JMinerCommandLine : winner block ‘488596’, ‘BURST-VT6F-5CQN-CN3B-D3RMU’

any clues?

im also seeing a number of these

WARN 27577 — [cTaskExecutor-4] b.j.c.n.t.NetworkRequestMiningInfoTask : Unable to parse mining info, received http status code 502
2018-05-09 23:50:32.908 WARN 27577 — [cTaskExecutor-4] b.j.c.n.t.NetworkRequestMiningInfoTask : Unable to parse mining info:

could this be because the usb drive was plotted on a pc before being mounted on the Mac ?

You should be able to plot on a computer other than the one used for mining.

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i get those errors when I start jminer sometimes I just close and restart it and starts normal but I on a windows pc

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I need to find a way to get help with this or try to use a different miner. Can anyone suggest alternatives for Mac and where to find instructions?
Does anyone know where support for Jminer can be found?

There has been a new release of Jminer

You can try the Burst Discord and maybe find someone that can help. Unfortunately, I have never used it.

Or you can try out Creepminer!

I couldn’t find any other help on Discord as I’m only on the Burst Neon pool Server and not Burst Discord.
Anyway, I noticed the clue on another thread about removing WalletServer and tried that - it allowed me to make sense of the errors and I could see it was not recognising the plot files created on the PC even after editing the filename to the new wallet account on the Mac. I bit the bullet and wiped the drive and made it Mac Extended format and plotted a new file and got some mining working. Now I’m finishing off filling the disk. I now need to find out how to convert them from POC1 to POC2. I have a program running from Qbundle doing the PC files, but can’t find an equivalent for Mac Files.
I’d be glad of some pointers, thanks

One problem is that you can’t just rename the filename, as the data inside is not changed as well. This is why replotting for the correct address worked.

I actually can’t think of a Mac converter off the top of my head, but I do know Turboplotter has a Mac version.