Just some Suggestions


Can we get buttons near the search bar for the ( Burst Blockchain, https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/ )

Need Burst Software Section, and that’s probably it :slight_smile:



Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to look into being able to add links to the header there…I would like that to happen, but it might not for awhile.

If you want to make some posts about links to software, have at it! I’ll be trying my best to add things as I get time as well.


XPlotter: https://github.com/Blagodarenko/XPlotter

GPUplotgenerator: https://github.com/bhamon/gpuPlotGenerator

Blago’s CPU Miner: https://github.com/Blagodarenko/miner-burst/releases

JMiner: https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-jminer/releases

Burst Wallet AIO by DaWallet: https://github.com/dawallet/burstwindowswallet/releases

Lexi’s AIO Wallet: https://github.com/SOELexicon/BurstAIOWallet

I think that’s all for now, add them when you have time :wink: