Just starting plotting help!

Hello everyone,

I am having a little problem plotting. the Xplotter in Qbundle is telling me that I need a Numeric Account Number. I can see the “Copy Numeric Account ID” button when I click my account id, but nothing is copied to the clipboard. Is my numeric account ID just this: BURST-BGPW-3MFL-NNY7-FK2KA.

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I’m very new myself, but I had this exact same problem with the local wallet. I ended up opening up Internet Explorer (couldn’t use Chrome because it said Flash was disabled) and was able to log into the online wallet, the procedure to click on my address and copy numeric ID worked from there and that’s what I used to plot my drives.


I just used my account ID and it worked just fine. It seemed to know how to grab my numeric account ID by providing my account ID. Hopefully this helps someone else!