Large miner help

Hi all I have 8 rigs running and payout seems to have dropped off from January. Is this normal with the difficultly increase. Total plot size is 360tb but forged blocks has dropped off significantly. Is this just a luck thing or should I be doing some this to verify all of my plot files?

if by dropped off you mean cut in half then that would make sense

Ok well if you’re seeing the same thing I will just continue to add disk and carry on

It has dropped off for me a lot for one of my rigs, but another one is getting way more blocks than it should be…for the past couple months.

It’s just a luck thing sometimes if you are not in a 0-100 pool, but yes the difficulty is going up quickly. People are coming online out of nowhere with 100s of TB instead of like it was a year ago…100TB was rare.

How come people come with 400, 500, 600 TB so easy and fast? Considering 8TB hard drives, that would be 75 units, at least $12,000 just for the drives.

Are there really people dropping $15k+ to mine Burst?

And how can they plot a drive so fast? It still takes me days on a Dell server with 30 processors and 64GB.

My servers plot at 14000 while mining and only have 24 cores each. I have plotted all of my 350tb so far since jan 5. I was in the right place at the right time and run used Enterprise storage that was retired from work.