Linux mining...?

After extensive tests…

I can mine btc and other coins at with W10 Home op system and new Edge browser. All security settings at minimum, except Windows Defender running normally. Follow up with anti malware scans indicates no infections acquired, despite the many questionable ads, popups, etc. at that site.

No such luck with W8.1 Pro and Firefox or IE11 browsers. Even turning off Windows Defender temporarily couldn’t get the mining process started. It contracted a serious Trojan attacker in that brief attempt.

I’ve been unable to get either system working to solo mine Burst with the Blago/Qbundle tools, Also It is not safe to turn off anti malware with Windows. My hunch is mining might work better with Linux where there are fewer security issues to circumvent…but don’t have a Linux box setup to try. I tried several times to setup a dual-boot Windows/Linux system in the past. It never worked right.

Ideal might be a temporary boot Linux iso DVD along with whatever mining tools are needed. Then even Windows users could run it safely.

For those concerned with security and testing all of these new softwares and wallets with cryptocurrency, i suggest having an extra computer or laptop to do this on. In the case of antivirus being in the way, it will not matter as this computer is only for playing around.