LocalBurstcoins.com [Beta]


Hi All,

Just to let you know I am developing a new escrow service, this service will allow you too exchange burstcoin into fiat via a range of methods.

Beta Methods
National Bank Transfer (UK)
Cash By Mail
Western Union

The website is still being actively developed, If you plan to signup to reserve your name then you can, the user table will not be wiped throughout beta and up until launch.

The website says beta, however I am still testing and developing the wallet, so hang tight on depositing bursts until I launch the beta, all users who signed up will receive a email, telling them when the website is in beta.




The website is in beta mode, some things may work perfectly and then may crash, if you have any problems with a transaction, of a error you notice then please email me at admin@localburstcoins.com.

What Works

  • Deposits and withdrawals, the web wallet is online and working.
  • Buys/Sells are online, Working flawlessly.
  • User profile works, including becoming verified.
  • Activity is working, still adding more information to them.

LocalBurstcoins Staff


The barrier I faced when first signing up with burst was the min purchases. I need a coin to start mining but I don’t want to buy 30$us worth of it. 5$ would be tops would spend to give burst a shot. Make it easy no sign up just enter amount want to spend then pick payment and will submit the order to the chain once confirmed.