Looking for how to tutorial for burstsolo mining

Hi fam,

There was a good youtube video, but it is removed.

Is there another good solo mine explanation somewhere?

Peace Paulov

not to be that guy but how many TB do you have? the 100-0 crypto pools is just like solo but easier to setup FYI

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Thanks, i will look into that.

I don’t have any tutorial that I know of, but solo mining is the same as pool mining, except instead of connecting to an external system, you just mine on your own wallet.

Meaning, you need to make sure your wallet is constantly synced and working correctly. As @iceman496 said, the 100-0 pool is the same as solo mining, except they are the ones that make sure everything is running correctly on that end.


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Solo not worth it plus you might give away your passphrase if you make a mistake. Take the advice and pool mine. test out each pool for your self and pick the one you get paid in the best. My advice rather than go by a pool owner telling you his pool is the best. Try a couple first and give them a week of testing


Thanks for the advice

Thanks very much.