Looking for the most accurate return on profit mining burst

Hello, I’m new to Burst mining and extremely interested in starting since I’ve been so lucky to have came across deals I couldn’t resist.

Yesterday I had came across a networking company that had to shut down and sell off their equipment. I was lucky enough to find a total of 32x brand new unopened HGST 8TB SAS hard drives (P/N 0F23657) all totaling just under $2000. I’m not looking for a quick buck but meerly for mining long term.

Just to be curious… How long would it take or I should expect to see my returm on on investment? What is the best mining site/pool should I use and what is the as of today’s date yielding the most profitable burst coin? These are just basic questions for newbies who might now want to start. Additionally, this might help both existing or new Miners. I am not so much worried about power usage as I do plan to set up my system at a public storage facility ($99 monthly rental fee) that I am already using for house hold junk. This storage is a basic 5x10 which provides 2 separate outlets max power 1860 watts per outlet. At this storage facility I am currently running a GPU mining rig already (Maxed 1650 wattage). This system is running off of a 1000 meter USB wifi antenna ($23 @ebay), snagging in Comcast as primary and Starbucks as secondary wifi usage. (Daily average of 2 bad shares which is lower than mining at home with 6 bad shares.) At the end of the year I have always claimed the dementions as apart of home based business tax claim.

Based on my current build…

Purchased this from Facebook Ad for $75.00
Asus PBP67
Intel Core i7 2600
Windows 10 Home Ed.
AMD HD 6800 1 GB
Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2 GB DDR5
1600w PSU
------------THE PLAN---------------

I will be planning to install a total of 32x 8TB hard drives in the above mentioned system setup desciption. My MOBO like it has 7 SATA ports 16x PCIE (5 lanes) and mini PCIE 1x. Which I plan to use SATA 1 to SATA 5 on each of the MOBO 7 SATA ports.

Because I just started plotting my drives, I will not be able to start mining. But I’d like to anticipate my detours or bumps when I continue with the build.

Has anyone used or currently using a SATA 1 to SATA 5 data card, if so how many lanes can be actually used without bottle necking per SATA card? Im assuming each SATA card can sustain data and speed on all 5 lanes.

What would you recommend when purchasing a PCIE to SATA card? I have seen a variety such as PCI-e to 4 SATA. I don’t want to get a card hosting 4 or 5 lanes to only find out I can only use 1 or 2 lanes.

What is my anticipated profit production based on 32x 8 TB Hard Drives?

Thanks in advanced!


Sorry, for those interested in my savings on mining system build: the following is where I went to purchase my supplies. Hope this helps! Most of the list is for GPU mining, because I have extras I’m now starting HHD mining.

My under $2000 HHDs were purchased locally off of a bankrupt network company.
$64 x2 RAM 2x 4GB DDR3 1300 - FRY’s
$129 RAM 2x 8GB DDR4 - Fry’s
$15.58 for SATA 1 to SATA 5 card - Ebay
$4.95 for 5 x SATA data cable- Ebay
$136 for 4x Power Supply unit- LW1600PG 240v from WISH. It took almost 2 months to arrive! Turned out to be free because I waited a month and 13 days before asking for a shipping tracking number. Seller failed to provide tracking information with in 24 hrs of request. Wish customer service automatically refunded $631. Eventually 21 days after the refund, 4x PSU showed up at my doorstep.

$109 4x eSonic H81-BTC-KING MOBO w/6x risers (Free) - Purchased from Wish same issue. Got a refund and used that money to purchase additional supplies from else where. Note: This MOBO is a nock off, if you aren’t a computer super user I highly recommend buying from a reputable brand name.

$17.89PCIE to 7 USB port - (Note: used as additional power) ebay
$4.38 5x 4 pin male to 5 serial ATA SATA power adapter

Untested- Pending purchase based on discussion topic:

$9.79 PCIE to 2 SATA data port - ebay
$14.11 PCIE to 4 SATA data port - ebay
$108 PCIE to 8 SATA data port - Ebay

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First 32 drives I that system will not work think one core per hdd max 2 per core. If they are true sas drives you will not be able to plug them direcrly into the mobo without an adapter. I would recommend a sas hba and breakout cables.

Yes, I do have all the required HHD adapters, cables and so forth.