Looking for the most important Burst related websites or pages


Hi Burst community,

we have created a Burst coin page on Blockspot-dot-io (seems we are not allowed to share the url here)
Besides the basic information we also added a link to the Wiki and this forum.

Are there any other important links we should add to better inform our visitors? For example
Statistics, faucets, community pages, etc?

Thanks for the input!


There are a lot of websites…

https://www.reddit.com/r/burstcoin/ is pretty important



there’s probably a list of websites in the wiki as well…


we have the reddit and the explorer already, burstcoin.ist is a good suggestion though! we’ve added that.

Let’s see what other members suggest. There is place for more.


Feel free to add the faucet for new burstcoin members: https://burstneon.com/faucet lovely regards


Thanks for the faucet link! We have added it too.