Lost Wallet

After a full overnight download I decided to clean up my Burst-dedicated computer somewhat, and somewhere in that process I lost track of my new Burst wallet. Never fear, I thought to myself. I have my passphrase and account address. I should be able to find the place where I can input that information and reclaim my new wallet. However, now, after half a day, I still cannot find it. Could someone please HELP?

Sure I can help. Let me get this straight in my head now though.

  1. You have the Burst wallet address/passphrase combo saved still?
  2. What wallet software did you install and were you using, and do you want to continue using that?

The address looks like this - BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-XXXXX

The passphrase is usually promoted to be a 12 word combination, but you are able to change that to whatever you want.

  1. Yes.
  2. Qbundle; yes, I want to continue using it.

Yes, my address looks like that.
My passphrase is also a 12-word combination.

Ok, great. So you still have anything you need.

Wallet software is just something that enables you to interact with the blockchain. As long as you have your passphrase saved, you can use any type of Burst wallet software. Your wallet is not tied to any particular installation.

So, I will assume you are using windows. If you are sure you did not delete the Qbundle installation, then type in Burstwallet.exe in the search box, and it should find it. Create a shortcut, save it somewhere… pin that .exe to your taskbar, whatever you need to keep track of it.

If you still have problems we can continue :slight_smile: