Loving Burst!


And have to say " I like what I see!"
I’m an investor and I’m heavy into MGTI:0) is why I got into Burst. I own quite a few coins because I believe the technology is the future. The reason I didn’t just go all Bitcoin Cash is because it’s the grassroots of the company that makes it special. Years ago I had a stock market website with 76,000 members and it was hacked. Reading all I could I discovered John McAfee and realized how important security is to a website when it’s really doing something prolific. I believe in you guys and love that you’re branching out into music etc, staying creative and getting people involved. That’s why I invested heavy handing into your coins. I want to say keep up the great work and you’re doing something really special here, keep going. You can find McAfee on Twitter and he would probably help you for nothing as he’s not a shrewd businessman, he’s a visionary. That’s where I found him anyways and he’s cool. The stock market is in an absolute state of euphoria in my opinion and crypto is the future because you can not short sell it. Don’t ever allow anyone to short sell Burst ever. Stay good and creative with everything you’re doing because it’s awesome!


@Stazio welcome to GETBURST,
very happy that you joined us on the new forum. It is great to have someone like you BURSTing with us.
This new forum has so much going for it and BURST is growing and has so much potential for growth.
If you have any questions just ask and if I can’t help I am certain that someone will.
This is a great place to share knowledge and have a great time.
Have fun and see you around :blush: