Mac/OSX - Installing The Burst CG Wallet by PoC Consortium


Guide written by funkagenda121 . Thank you!!
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Guide to getting the POC wallet running on a mac

Hi all- fellow burst rookie here, after some messing around I managed to get the wallet up and running on the Mac. As it took a bit of tinkering I figured I’d share this guide here to help folks get up and running:

Install home brew which is a package manager for MacOs you can find this here:

Open up a terminal (Open spotlight and search for terminal) and Install MariaDB which is the database you will be using for the wallet, you can install it through homebrew run the following command in terminal brew install mariadb

You can find more details about this here:

When its installed start the DB: brew services start mariadb

Now you need to create your database, I found the easiest way to do this was:
Login to MariDB by running the following command in terminal: mysql -u root -p -h localhost

(your default root password is blank, I reccomend changing this ASAP)

Then execute the following lines one by one (Mac seems to have some copy+paste errors I would reccomend manually typing these commands): CREATE DATABASE burstwallet; CREATE USER ‘burstwallet’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘yourpassword’; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON burstwallet.* TO ‘burstwallet’@‘localhost’;

Then hit control+c

  1. Now download the wallet files from:

  2. Unzip the folder and rename it to “burstcoin” and put it into your home folder

  3. Open up a terminal and type move to the burstcoin directory: cd ~/burstcoin/conf/

  4. You now need to change the permissions on the file to be executable. In a terminal type: cd ~/burstcoin/ chmod +x

  5. Now open up ~/burstcoin/ and modify with what you used as the DB password in step 2: nxt.dbUsername=burstwallet nxt.dbPassword=yourpassword

  6. Now execute with ./

  7. Nagivate to: http://localhost:8125/index.html and login/create a new user

  8. The block chain will begin synching- this will take some time until the chain is synced you will not see your account balance.

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