Major FLAW with Burstcoin

I have many mining rigs. One is the first I setup for mining Burst. It has been hacked by BURST-DP55-54V8-4PH8-CZ2MJ Who is stealing all my BURST mined on that account.

Is this my problem? Yes, to a certain extent. This was the first Burst account I setup, and changed my pass phrase to something not very secure.

Is this burst user a criminal? Yes of course! Regardless of my lay man reasons for setting up this early, yet small mining rig with an insecure passphrase, it points out the problem of not being able to change an accounts passphrase.

I have shut down this mining rig and restarted it with a new 24 phrase pass key. However, now I have to re-plot all my drives, which is a huge time problem.

This points out one of the main problems with Burst. You should be able to change your passphrase at any time to be secure. Being hacked, even though my own problem with a bad pass phrase, it should be able to be changed so you don’t have to replot.

Who knows, maybe this hack was from the BurstNation guys, that wouldn’t surprise me.

An issue that Burst needs to fix to be truly secure.

The only Major flaw seems to be your post. :expressionless:

the only other major flaw seems to be your denial of the ability for a burst participant to be able to change their pass code. how much of a twit are you?

An issue that Burst needs to fix to be truly secure.

I agree, and though it’s an imperfect solution, allowing transaction fees of less than one Burst will at least allow Burst to be sent to a new, more secure account more cheaply.

I don’t quite understand. They steal money from the wallet? If so, maybe it’s worth tracking how often this happens and whether or not it’s attached to email or other sources…