Make your miner reboot proof

Nothing worse than your miner rebooting in the morning and not mining until you get home at night to restart it.
Easy on Windows 10

Step 1: Set up auto logon:

Step 2: Create a Scheduled task to start the miner upon Logon:

I’ll be happy to share my settings if anyone is interested.

Couple this with TightVNC and the miner reboots, user logs in, starts the miner and I can remote desktop to it within a few minutes.



I found it easier to search for “prevent win [insert version here] from rebooting” . I am comfortable with registry editing so I added two (I think) tree values and my Win10 machine has been up since the beginning of Sept.

Burst miners probably have a much higher uptime compared to litecoin miners with blazing hot video cards stressing the system. But then again you also have power outages from time to time.

I’ve had little issue with my Burst miner so far.

I agree turning off automatic Windows updates is a must. :slight_smile:

Good day Paul,
I would like to know your settings

What do you need help with?
The first or the second part?

The schedule tasker. I am still potting my first drive, but as far as I understood, you need a few click when you start Qbundle to start mining, therefore having Qbundle on startup should be enough.
Am I missing something?

I was going to post some screen shots later tonight, but they would basically look like the ones in this tutorial.