Mcafee anitvirus blocking Blago

Has anyone had trouble with Mcafee antivirus program preventing Blago miner? My Blago miner keeps failing to start saying that it’s probably an antivirus program. I’ve put the Blago miner in the the white list of Mcafee as best I could, but it keeps quarantining the miner every time.

If anyone knows a way around this without deleting Mcafee and getting a new antivirus program I’d appreciated it. I regret the day I decided to download Mcafee. Very confusing program to navigate around. I should have stayed with ZoneAlarm. I haven’t mined Burst for several months and just want to get back to mining.

Thanks in advance!

Norton deletes it as well. For McAfee, a quick Google search yields:

  1. Right-click the McAfee logo in the Windows Taskbar down the the time, then select “Change Settings” > “Firewall“.
  2. Select the “Internet Connections for Programs” option.
  3. Choose the program you wish to allow access, then select “Edit“ If the program is not listed, select the “Add” button, then select “Browse” to choose the application.
  4. In the “Access” section, select “Incoming and outgoing” to allow both incoming and outgoing traffic to the applications. Otherwise select “Outgoing Only” to allow only outbound traffic.
  5. For the drop-down menu “Use designated ports” should be sufficient to work with most apps. Otherwise, you can select “Open ports to Home and Work networks“, or “Open to all devices“.
  6. There is also a “Net Guard” section. This setting can block some traffic on certain apps. If you have problems with the application after setting all the items above, you may want to set “Net Guard” to “Off“.
  7. Select “Save“.

Just like Norton, you’ll probably need to do this for every new version of the program when you update it.

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Something I have come accustomed to is creating exclusions for folders in which I will be placing any Burst software beforehand.

Thank you very much both of you for your advice, however after making the necessary adjustments to Mcafee my miner still fails to start. Again the warning says it’s most likely due to anitmalware software, but now I don’t know. The window comes up immediately, meaning the miner takes almost no time to determine it can’t start. Perhaps some of the parameters within the Blago miner need to be changed. I didn’t manually change anything, I wouldn’t know how.

Everything else with the wallet is working smoothly. I used to be able to mine last year with an older wallet and also still with the Mcafee software. It’s frustrating since I have about 15 TB here waiting to be utilized. I mined a lot in the early days and know really want to get back into it.

My computer knowledge is limited, so I can’t really trouble shoot on my own. Does anyone know of any youtube videos that might be able to help with my problem?

Anyway, thanks again.

I would just try to run blago on its own without Qbundle and see if you get the same results.

Personally I’d Google the Norton removal tool and run that. Norton is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard!
use Kaspersky Internet Security instead, that will actually spot a virus rather than constant false alerts.
Just don’t tell Donald Trump because it’s made by Russians :joy:

While you have no protection, run Blago and see if it fires up.

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Obviously restart the machine after getting rid of Norton and then try running Blago

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Thanks again for the replies, I’ve been away from my computer for a couple days. Above you mentioned Norton removal tool, but I’m using Mcafee antivirus, so I don’t need to worry about Norton, right?

I think I might just remove Mcafee and download Kaspersky as suggested above.

Also, as suggested above, if I run Blago as a standalone, is there instructions anywhere on how to run it alone? I’m not to familiar with starting and running CMD programs, if I said that correctly.

Yeah, sorry about that. I have become immune to the difference between Norton and Mcafee. I see them both on a daily basis and for some reason apparently don’t differentiate between the two :smile:

Mcafee do an equally amazing removal tool to shift their product off your computer.

As to running Blago free from Qbundle… all you need to do is go to the Blago folder and double click the exe file for whichever version you use. There is a txt file called miner to control it but it will have autosaved the last settings you used through Qbundle so don’t worry about that too much.

I think Qbundle or not though, it’s the antivirus that’s the issue.

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