Mine with Closed wallet? More Questions

Hey all,

So I have begun mining and enjoying the entire ordeal. I have some questions I would like to ask:

1). Can start mining and close my wallet and it continue to mine or does it have to stay open?
1a). Reason I am asking is because I left my wallet open so I could mine and when I came back this morning, it had a different Burst ID. What could have caused this? I am the only one with access.

2). How do I adjust the targetDL in Qbundle or does it not really matter for efficiency?

3). What are the best ways to keep your local wallet secure? Flashdrive?

4). Also, if I stop mining to plot another drive, will I lose all my historic share or will it slowly decrease/stay the same?
4a). Can I plot and mine at the same time on one PC?

Thanks everyone and if this is not the right place to post, please let me know.

You can plot and mine at the same time and the wallet is not required to mine

  1. TargetDL matters for the PoCC pool software. Read https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/info to learn more about that.

  2. I keep my passphrase encrypted on multiple flash drives, and also on paper in a safe. Multiple backups at different locations is good.

  3. I don’t know the details on how long historical shares are kept, sorry.
    4a) Yes, you can do this.

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With Blago’s miner (I don’t have any experience with any others) it should be stated that you’ll need to restart the miner after a plot is finished.

Yes, that’s for adding that in :wink: