Miner says plot files not found


This is my config setting
Can’t find what is wrong plz help


What miner are you using?
What plotter did you use?
Are the plot files in those paths?


first of all thanks for your reply

Answers to ur questions

1)Blago Miner
2)Turbo plotter


Did you get it fixed?
I see you withdrew the post.


no bro didn’t got fixed deleted that post bcoz of some mistake i have even replied to u


Ok found out the problem when plotted a 1 gb demo file by Xplotter it worked fine may be some problem with turbo plotter


That was going to be my next suggestion. Plot a small file with xplotter. :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying though do u have any suggestion fo any pool i have 1 TB plof file


Crypro Guru 0-100 (0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org, port 8124). It is in the list when setting the reward recipient via qbundle.