Miner still not showing up (24 hours later)

I’m currently mining with 1TB to check if I’ve done everything correctly.
I saw in another topic that if you mine with a small amount, it can take up some time to show up on the current block shares.
However, I’m still unable to see my miner after 24 hours. Account balance still at 0.

Is this normal?
I’m currently mining at burst.ninja

What I did to get it running:

  • Set my energy scheme in Windows to have the harddrive always on.

  • Plotted 2 harddrives (optimized).

  • Change payout address to BURST-NSVP-PLHQ-FNQZ-8SCHX using this link:
    This worked fine.

  • Made changes to my config file using the information on the website:

After 24 hours, this miner is not showing up in either current nor recent block shares.

Am I doing something wrong here?

This is what the site is telling me to do:

Blago’s miner config snippet:
“Mode” : “pool”,
“Server” : “burst.ninja”,
“Port”: 8124,
“UpdaterAddr” : “burst.ninja”,
“UpdaterPort”: 8124,
“TargetDeadline”: 345600,
“SendInterval”: 500,
“UpdateInterval”: 1000,
“UseFastRcv”: false,

I would suggest switching to a different pool that accepts much longer deadlines. With only 1 TB mining you will not find a deadline shorter than 345600(4 days) seconds very often, which is probably why your miner is not showing up. Switch to a pool that accepts much longer deadlines or increase your mining capacity by alot, 100x-1000x.

Examples of a pool that accepts longer deadlines,

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Thank you for your response,
That will mean I need another coin I guess :frowning_face:

I already begged ryanw for 2 coins now after I mistakenly renamed my wallet (I did not know this will cost me a coin).

Is there any place I can buy coins withouth having to send me ID and so on?

sent you some

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Wow, thank you very much, I really appreciate that.

It’s been a bumpy ride so far getting it all to work, but the community has been very helpful :slight_smile:

Next week I will be expanding to at least 60TB, I will not forget to give ryanw and you some coins in return for your help.

However I will need to google some more information regarding deadlines etc.
I still haven’t figured out how this all works.

So it has been running for a while now.
Is it normal that don’t get any confirmations after 10 blocks?

When I look at screenshots of other miners, I can see this green text all the time.
I’ve never seen a single line of green text ever (a part from solo mining).

GOT IT! :slight_smile:
well at least I get green text now.

Set the deadline limit to: 64230680

I could really use some help explaining what harddrive size and deadline limit have to do with each other.

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Yeah. read this already, but I’m still confused about the whole process, but I’m starting to get the gist of it.

I’m gonna read more in to it in the following days.
I’m just excited I finally got it working :slight_smile:

Now to upscale! :slight_smile:

Ow, and by the way. Is it normal I don’t see confirmations every block?
I tend to miss about 2, then get 3 with confirmations on average.

iI really depends on how quickly the pool’s server receives and processes the submitted deadline. If you submit a deadline and it does not get confirmed then the pool’s server is probably being bottle necked in some way(internet connection, processor) due to the high amount of in/out traffic. If you very quickly find a shorter deadline then the previous, your miner should toss the older deadline and only submit the shorter, which in turn, the older one may never be confirmed.

As long as the shortest deadline you find gets confirmed before the next block then you are good. If you are finding that your shortest block is not being confirmed consistently, then you should switch pools.

Switched to http://burst.btfg.space/ and got some info on their discord to set it all up.
Running great now :slight_smile:


I’m in the same situation. My miner appears to be working, No obvious error messages, but there is no wallet activity after 3 days/ 24hr. My only coin went to recipient on the pool mining tab for CryptoguruPool.
That all appears good, saw the transaction show up, But nothing showing so far on the dashboard.
8Tb online and more to go when this gets sorted.