Mining appears green information. Is it successful?


I started my first mining today.
Green information has emerged: 11:33:21 [1255xxxxxxxx] confirmed DL: 2118258 24D 12:24:18
I don’t know it’s not a success. At least my account doesn’t have any benefits at the moment.
Can you explain the reasons for me, please?


If you have green lines that look like below then you are mining
What is your burst coin address? and
What pool are you mining on so I can show you if your actually showing up or not.

  • If you are mining on a pool, go to YOUR pool page. Make sure you include the : and port number on the end like the example below

  • Goto the historic shares window on your pool
  • scroll to the bottom as you have just started mining you will be at the bottom
  • Find your burst coin address or your wallet name if you gave yourself a name.
  • Use the image below


Use this youtube video on how to understand your mining pool page.
Your page may be different but the concept does not change from pool to pool.


It’s the same in my picture, and it looks right.


I found my name in my pool page。
I’m using


Thank you very much.


Turn off the Hdd wake up feature, it does not really work. Try this;

Use this program to keep them awake it works great, low overhead and you can customize. I have it set to write a small file to every plot drive every 3 min which is 1 min below the 4 min block time.

  • It’s free as well
  • make sure you enable writing mode, bottom left hand corner
  • Also turn off the feature within the blago or jminer program you won’t need either if your using this and honestly I don’t even think that option works in the miner program(s).
  • In my miner batch file I have it set to FIRE THIS OFF Just before start mining. The program already recognizes if it is already running so it won’t run multiple copies.