Mining Burst Coin 1 Week - Distribution

I have been mining burst coin for 1 week with a 15 tb rig under crytoguru pool and have not received any Burst coin in my wallet. I set the reward recipient under BURST-8KLL-PBYV-6DBC-AM942 and my address is BURST-6TLV-N7AQ-38DX-CB6HW. When does burst coin start to get distributed to your personal wallet from this pool? Is there a better pool for my size hard drives? Any suggests would help. Thanks.

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Hi AC,

Try this pool; i am using it for months now.


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You need to hit 100 coins on the pool before they are transferred to you. If hit ctrl+F and enter the last digits of your address, you can search the page for your miner stats at the pool page

You are showing a pending balance of 48.4 coins.

Also, when you join a pool, it takes some time for your historical shares to fill up, so you don’t make as much right when you join a pool, you need to hang around for awhile to get full shares. I think the 50-50 pool is 500 blocks for this to happen. 4 minutes per block by 500 blocks is around 5 days.

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