Is it true that the wallet requires a configuration file, but that one is not included in the package? Sounds kind of odd.

Is this a good resource to follow?

Any tips or tricks?



I have no experience with using creepminer, however…the miner.conf that is mentioned there is just for the mining software (creepMiner). The Burst wallet, afaik any version, will come with a default configuration file…so no worries there.

I’d have to let someone else weigh in on this tutorial that uses creepMiner, but it looks easy to follow and thorough at first glance…


That was just a link to someone that documented what the mining.conf file should look like and some of the features you can customize.

My Burst wallet did not come with a config file. That’s why I asked.

Unless you are talking about the ./conf/ file. If so where do I list the plots?



Ohh I get it. Everything is separate, you see.

First, there is the wallet, and that is the correct config file. This manages your coins and such by running a node on your computer, and providing an interface to it.

Next, you will need to get plotting software, and use that to make your plots.

Lastly, if you need mining software…if you are using linux, then you’d use creepminer above.


Ohhh, now I get it. :slight_smile:
Got the wallet, got the plotter, and thought that the wallet was mining. haha.
I’m using windows, but write paths using linux nomenclature.

I was wondering why it didn’t appear that I was doing anything.



And just like that I am now mining. Thanks @ryanw for the gentle push.
Yes I got Blago’s latest miner.

Last question. I can make my plots on another computer, just use my proper ID?


Yes, that is an awesome thing to do. Put other idle computers to work while one is mining :slight_smile:

You can also copy plot files from one hard drive to another, but just don’t overlap the nonces, meaning don’t use the same plot files twice.

Some people write to faster hard drives, and then copy it over to the slow SMR externals.