Mining for 2 to 3 days no transaction

iam pool ming for 2 to 3 days now, havent seen any update on transaction yet, is there is any time frame for updating the transaction .
iam mining with 4.6TB with 0-100 cryptoguru pool. i have done the plotting and also set the reward recipient too.
my burst accout - BURST-8TK7-BA95-QP9J-6UVUM


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I have same issue, i don’t see any changes too. do you know, how we can check our account?

Yea, i am checking my address in burst pool too, but not recognized after 2 days of mining??


What bad idea,we have to pay to Burst to update our info!! i don’t have any coins to update my own info’s.

when can i expect my payout ?

It is quite possible that your reward recipient was not set…Or, that you have just too little space plotted to see anything, and it will take a long time for you to get shares.

@jibskg The default payout is 100 Burst, so when you reach that. You can read the info pages on the pool’s homepage to see about changing that amount.

Hi Ryanw

Thanks, for respond, i believe its is some thing wrong, but i cannot figure it out. almost going to give up while i cannot get any coin to setup all over again.

which i run for solo for almost one week with 10TB and still didn’t see any transactions too. i did setup reward recipient with your provided pool with last coin you sent me too and nothing changes i don’t see any transactions in my wallet… at list just want make sure it is working and i will wait to see the result.

and i check my account number with pool too , but not recognized after 3 days of mining. :grin: i am getting really crazy now. I purchased almost 25TB HDD with credit card and wished to pay back soon. could you help me out or could you support me fix this issue. or i have to delete every thing and start all over again. Oh by the way my reward recipient shows to cryptoguru pool. is that right! ??
Please advice.


As far as I can see, you are mining. Burst-dxv8-23s2-xeuw-c2zh2


It takes some time in the beginning of mining at a pool to get your full mining rate maxed out.

However, something is wrong with your mining as the pool thinks you have less than 1TB. It could be that there is a problem with your plot files.

:grin:Yeaa, it is working?

You are mining, yes. But if as you say, there is 10TB mining, there is a problem somewhere.

Yes, that small 195GB hdd was part of my internal HDD for test first plot files. should i keep to use that or removed?

Ok so that is just a test? You are not mining with 10TB?

Then everything seems fine. You can keep that plot or not, it’s up to you if the space is needed for other things. If you do keep it, make sure the nonces are not repeated in the new plots (do not overlap the numbers).

That 195GB hdd was one of my older HDD , i just try to use free space. but I have like more than 25TB and still plotting, i believe will be almost 30TB total by tomorrow.:grin:

another question, is that Pending 9.03522757 Burst are part of my coins?:star_struck:

LOL, yes that is how many coins you have so far. When you reach 101 coins, 100 will be sent to your address (it costs 1 Burst to do a transaction)

Thank You so much for your help,
Now, i am sure my systems works . and also i will return your coin back as promises .:grinning:

You’re very much welcome, and good luck to you my friend!

thanks ryanw