Mining for almost a week with 0 returns, am I doing something wrong?

Currently mining with

Not showing any errors in the mining log, just a bunch of winners that aren’t me. My plot is about 4 TB. Am I just impatient or is something setup incorrectly?

Something is wrong if you have your plot file set up for account BURST-JT35-224A-CLYR-AATVP, which is also the account you are mining on.

There is no record whatsoever on the pool’s page of your account, and no burst transferred to you.

That address has the reward recipient correctly set for the correct pool.

Can you post a screenshot of your mining window?

Here’s some screenshots…

Sorry the mining log isn’t longer…but I hope it tells enough.

Ok. You are attempting to solo mine. Every computer has a local internal address of

So, close the second screen you have shown here. Then go back up to that first screen. Click on “select predefined pool” and choose “Cryptoguru Pool”, then start mining. Actually, the deadline limit…change that to 31536000 which is the limit of the pool you will be using.

So after you click start mining, another window like the second will open up again, and hopefully be running correctly. Send another screenshot to confirm after you get it going again.

Okay I just noticed that the pre-defined pool wasn’t set up that time. Sometimes the computer crashes and I assume that the settings are back to what they are supposed to be when I boot up…

I HAVE mined before with the proper settings but I honestly can’t tell for how long it’s been setup wrong. I have two other people managing this computer that probably did not put it on properly. Given my computer specs and my plot…and assuming everything is setup fine…how long should I need to wait to see any results?

I found you on the pool page this time, I have no idea why I didn’t in the beginning…but you have 30 pending Burst. Everything is running perfectly. Remember to not close the mining window.

To find this, go to the pool page, hit Ctrl+F to search the text of the page. Then, you can search for the end of your Burst address, AATVP, or Patrickmwalshjr (the name of your wallet).

You will get coins sent to you when your pending hits 100 coins.

Okay even with these messages its fine?

Deadline exceeds deadline limit of the pool


Yeah, that’s fine, but to be more efficient, and get rid of those messages, you can put 31536000 as the deadline limit before clicking “start mining”.