Mining on Mac OS X

I’m hoping someone can lend some help to setting up a miner using my Macbook Pro (running OS X Yosemite).

I’ve read everything I could find on setting up plots and mining on my Mac, and I have downloaded mjminer. I also followed all of the guides to change line 30, replacing the single quotes with double quotes. Now I just get the following Error message:

— Compiling for 64-bit arch —
as -o shabal64-darwin.o shabal64-darwin.s
shabal64-darwin.s:30:14: error: invalid character in input
# 64 “ptr” field (8 bytes)
make: *** [shabal64-darwin.o] Error 1

Am I missing something? None of the guides allow for an error AFTER changing the double quotes…I don’t really know where to go from here.

Any help would be amazing. Thanks!