Mining on Ubuntu a basic rundown


I wanted to make a post with a summery of how i got started mining on Ubuntu. thanks too @moverspool for pointing me in the right direction on what software i should look into.

Plotting your drives: TurboPlotter
This is a closed source project but is multi platform for mac, win, and linux and the basic version is free and works nicely for cpu plotting in ubuntu. the gpu plotter is an other story. i plan to look into this but moverspool told me he has had issues with this on a nvidia card.

Mining: CreepMiner
Setting up the config file is the trick here see What is going on with linux suport? moverspool gives an example.
add file paths to your plot files in the config then, you need to set a password and user for the internal web server then point a browser to and log in. you can use the GUI from that point.
Mining-Info-URL and Submission-URL you will have to fill in your pools urls and the wallet url is only needed if you are solo mining
as i said this is a basic run down feel free to add or correct any thing i have posted here.