Mining/Plotting Network Drives

I want to mine a network drive and am having difficulty plotting it.
I’ve assigned a drive letter to the location.
Trying to plot directly to the network drive fails (Error 3)
I tried creating a Junction but ran into problems being a network location.
Successfully created a Directory Symbolic Link but the plotter attempts to plot directly into the target address bringing me back to square one (Error 3)
In this particular scenario I am able to physically get the drive and plot it locally but has anyone managed to plot remotely running the application locally?

Additionally, does the miner have the capacity to mine a plot on a network location or am I wasting my time altogether?

Network could be tricky can you do it over iscsi from the has directly? Maybe plot local and copy to file share and try that. How much space are you trying to plot?

Well I was just trying to plot a single drive to prove the concept.
I have access to network drives in different cities all on gigabit, so if I can figure this out…

I did this myself by plotting to a local drive then copying the plot files to the network drive.

Just cut/paste right?
And it mines without issue?

Well actually Copy/Paste but yes. I needed to map the network drive to a drive letter.

If you copy/paste wouldn’t it be mapped to the same nonce as the original copy?
Doesn’t this mean your mining is overlapping?

Sorry, I should have said Copy/Paste/Delete. :slight_smile:

You are correct. I was just saying what I had done. Copied from the local drive to the network drive. Then deleted the original.

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