Mining pool started declining my deadlines - MacOS - Jminer


I’ve been mining a few months now, but in the last day or so, I’ve been getting messages like this in my jminer terminal window (running on macOS):

2018-06-23 03:19:05.082  INFO 1043 --- [lTaskExecutor-1] burstcoin.jminer.JMinerCommandLine       : dl '10354160' send (pool) [nonce '2728723']
2018-06-23 03:19:05.434  INFO 1043 --- [skExecutor-1017] b.j.c.n.task.NetworkSubmitPoolNonceTask  : dl '10354160' not accepted by pool!
2018-06-23 03:19:05.434  INFO 1043 --- [skExecutor-1017] burstcoin.jminer.JMinerCommandLine       : dl '10354160' NOT confirmed!  [ 119d 20h 9m 20s ]

I’ve been getting them on every single valid deadline, and I didn’t spot it until it had been happening a while, so my Burst Address is now no longer showing up on the pool’s subscription tab (pool is

Things I’ve ruled out:

  1. Deadline limit is 365 days, so they should be valid
  2. I had this once before when I first started, but it was because I plotted my drive wrong so it hadn’t populated properly.



My solution, in case anyone else comes up with the same problem:

  • Uninstalled jminer, and went to re-download it from github; discovered that there had been an update. Downloaded and installed latest version of jminer.
  • I updated the file manually, rather than copying my old file across.
  • I noticed a disclaimer in the file to use Java 8 and not Java 9. macOS had updated to Java 10 at some point, so I rolled back to Java 8 (req’d manual uninstallation of v10; instructions were on the Java website).

I hope that’s been helpful for someone in as mad a panic as I was.


Excellent, thank you for following up!