Mining pool updates


I’m getting the following pools back online:

The pool name is unchanged, but to work with CloudFlare, the port has changed - use 8080 rather than 8124 - update your miners accordingly.


I’m using the official wallet and the builtin miner, I’m getting the following error when trying to mine in your pool “”:

[ERROR 1004] Your Burst account’s reward recipient (9UXJ-H8LW-5Q7X-A7WC2) do
es not match pool’s account (BN2A-VSRT-32D5-5953C)

I’m using the one on the web page, when I try to use the BN2A-VSRT-32D5-5953C address in the recipient field I get the following error:

{“errorDescription”:“Incorrect “recipient””,“errorCode”:4}

what am I doing wrong?



@nullg I suggest prepending BURST- to onto BN2A-VSRT-32D5-5953C


Were both shutdown, as they only had one or two miners. I’d suggest switching to falconpool instead: