Mining Speed

Just wondering, I just increased my farm to 12TB (not really a farm but still)
I am using Blago Miner and getting 15 seconds read on both 6TB HDD.
I’ve not timed it yet, but I guess each drive is read in turn so 30 seconds in total?
My question, I am thinking of expanding a lot more, looking at 32TB (4x8TB), and then I think that the read time would be 80 seconds in total. That seems a long time, is this correct and normal?
I am currently running on Internal SATA to no doubt fastest the disks can go.
I have seen people use JMiner. Does that use the GPU to get faster reads?
I will of course do some research on this, but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts…

My system has three drives. Blago miner reads all three drives simultaneously. My configuration consists two 4TB and 1 2TB drives. The read times are as follows

2TB -> 6.1 seconds (76.8 MB/s)
4TB -> 8.6 seconds (108.8 MB/s)
4TB -> 8.7 seconds (106.9 MB/s)

Each read operation for each drive runs in a separate thread.

My processor has 4 cores. I do not know how many threads can run before the system starts to bottleneck.

My system also has 6Gbit/s SATA ports.

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Blago miner takes advantage of multiple cpu threads.

So, if it is reporting that they both scanned in 15 seconds, then that is the total scanning time.

If you have enough threads on your cpu, it can scan all of your additions as well in parallel.

For example, if you have 6 threads on your cpu, 4 of them would scan each hdd at the same time.