Mining with a few PC on the same account


Hey guys, I have some issues with mining on more than one computer and decided to start discussion here about that.
I have started to mine Burstcoin on a few computers and same account. When I opened burstcoin network and put there my account,found information just from one computer,the first one,which started mine. So where another two computers? They are mining as well,showing on their miners, did everything same as on the first PC, same account numbers, reward etc. So where those coins going then if I can’t see them?


SOooo it helps you but not very much(you can use a different pool and addy though for more chances)the reason it even helps at all is they get searched through simultaneous which = better chance at a faster DL (Deadline). Have them on differnt pools they still dont shares blocks if they both win but pretty sure the math adds up to more chances to win~~~ but tbh I have 1TB staking solo and 2 differnt pools about 12tb ea… ive been Mining BURST for over a year when i discorved Crypto, BURST was the first coin i bought extra equipment just for mining…IVE mined 40 differnt coins since BURST all types of algo’s current have Octominer running 550s cause small apartment and kids in FL no summer mining for me till next year…At which time Im hoping to have my New Coin Project (Solar powerd small rental homes built for ECO tourism and powerd by BURST since its so low on power) still working on the concept !!! Have way much work to dooo.;… #KEEP MOVING FORWARD #NEVER GIVE UP #REACH THE TOP