Mining with two computers, different plots, same pool, same reward assignment address?


I have been mining a little burst for a while now, and would like to somewhat expand my mining efforts. Can anybody help me with my question below.

This is what I would like to do: Start mining at a different location, with a second computer. The (new) plots are created on that computer and have unique nonce numbers. Even from the first computer they are unique. (I know it is not possible to ‘reuse’ the same plots as on my first computer, so I am not trying that.)

Is it possible to use the same reward assignment address? Should I then use the same pool?

I am asking, because, If it is not possible anymore to mine with the second computer, I can add those plots to the already existing computer.

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Each computer won’t know about the deadlines sent by the other. I think there was code in some of the pool software that would penalize a miner who sent higher deadlines after lower ones, BUT as far as I know it was optional and no one used it.

So either way is fine.


“Is it possible to use the same reward assignment address?” - not needed, reward set once for one ID
"Should I then use the same pool?" - yes

i have 2 rigs



Thanks for taking the time for replying :slight_smile: