Missing Import Database option! Help, please!

I’m just starting at Burst and downloading the blocks is very slow. I downloaded the file burst12-21-2017.bbd but my Qbundle doesn’t have the “Import Database” option at the Database menu. All I got is Bootstrap chain (grayed out) and Change Database (using H2). Already running Qbundle v2.0.1

Any help would be much appreciated!


I had this problem yesterday too…you have to uninstall that version and roll back (install new) version 1.9. I read this is a bug that will be fixed, but this is the workaround right now. After you install 1.9, import your plot file, then you can upgrade to the newest version.


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I recommend everyone stay at Qbundle 1.9 with 1.3.6cg wallet for the time being unless you are adventurous.

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Thank you mburst134! That did the trick!

ryanw, good to know, I’ll keep running this version until it lasts…

Was going say thanks earlier, but my forum account went blocked…


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Welcome, and good luck!