Missing payouts

Hi “20-80 BurstNeon Pool”

I have been working for your pool so long I remember, but in late June 2019, something odd happened. It is like, I mine for no rewards. How come, I don’t get paid for a lot of work on the pool.

So, I decided to move to another pool (actually a chinese pool); which cheated me, and changed name, just before I was able to get a payout. I tell you chinese is complicated to handle for me who is Danish :wink:

Then I decided to go back to your pool, but nothing has changed. Have you lost all your good miners?

Best regards,
Holger K. Pedersen
BURST Id: 11969641991832289574

Hello, I’ll message @Burstneon to notify him of this. That is the best I can do to help.