Mounted Drives vs. Lettered Drives pros and cons and how can it be done?


Ok team I am close to exhausting my lettered drives in my config file due to future drives coming online. See snapshot below as to how my config file looks like today and how we can change it to use a mounted drive.

So the question on the table is can one use “Mounted Drives” on pool miners?

This issue is that I am running out of drive letters (soon with future drives coming on line). Does anyone have experience using Mounted Drives. I run windows.

Lets get this topic started :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance


have a look at this


Quibus, thanks I forgot to mention that I read up on how to mount and did a small test. My question is how do I make it work in my config files for pool mining and more important will it even work?

Examples if you have a config file with mounted drives would be great!! Thanks in advance and thanks for responding.


well the config for the miner would be like this
"C:\plots\MountedA",“C:\plots\MountedB”,“C:\plots\MountedC” (but with double \ )
and so on . path would ofcourse change dependent on where you mount the drives.


Ok thanks so you answered my primary question which is it will work. Thanks I will give it a try.

Does anyone know of any performance issues in SPEED when reading mounted drives vs. with the Blago program or GPU Jminer program?


No, the same speed