Moving Harddrives around


I’ve been plotting on a different computer, because it is much faster, using an external SATA3 drive. So I finish the plots and remove the drive from the enclosure, put it in my miner and the partitions are all messed up. What is happening when I move from an enclosure to a PC?

Is there something that I need to do before removing from the enclosure, or a repair process once I install in the PC?



So I switch the drive back into the enclosure and it works just fine. I’m in the process of robocopying the files from the external to an internal drive. At least I know that that will work.

Still curious why the partitions went wonky. Is that a MBR vs. GPT thing?
Do some external cases only work with certain manufacturer’s drives?



I really don’t know what to tell you…I haven’t been taking drives out of the external cases.

With a google search, I’ve seen there are utilities to recover partitions though…