My burst just went to 0 burst on my account, why?


I am a new miner… and my burst just got over 91 burst today… and I went offline and came backonline and it was 0. Can anyone help me to know what is the reason for this? I am in Crypto-Guru pool at 50/50
My account is BURST-J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG


just checked your account says 100 burst. Using a blockchain on your computer; it will show up when it has synchronised.


Also due to the fork, if you use the obsolete wallet it will not show up until you upgrade to the latest


Yep, those two reasons are the one’s I would guess too that @ZapbuzZ mentioned.

You could try logging in to an online wallet to confirm that your wallet is not synced up.