My CPU Miner


My CPU miner consist of 32x Intel processors, it has about 180 cores. It’s drawling about 29 amps @ 220v or 5,000 kWh/mo. I recently switched it over to 220v, to cut down the amps. It’s also easier to cool, the PSUs run cooler on 220v. I estimate the heat output to be about 16,000 BTU, free heat in the wintertime. :slight_smile:

Imagine if i was to put a HDD in each bay, I can only put in 2TB HDD without upgrading the RAID card. That would give me over 100TB!

$80 for a 20 amps 220v 12 outlet power strip, wired with 10 awg.


Nice setup!

Just wondering, is it profitble? Or do you see it as a long term investment?


did u test for MIPS?


No I didn’t. I think it may be about 1.84 tflops. The I used was the Xeon X5650 processors, and two are X5670.


Yes it’s profitable, and there’s plans of adding on. I pay ~$0.04/kWh so about $200/mo. And this is not like GPU mining, CPU mining holds it value better. Monthly income is about $425/mo, it actually went up little bit last month was ~$375/mo. The more power I use it actually pushed my rates down.


Very interesting, too bad it won’t be profitable for me then since I pay ~$0.25/kWh.


Holly **** $1250/mo, I feel for you man! You need to go solar or something. What are commercial rates in your area?


Commercial rates are much better. Depending on how much you use ofcourse. But starting at $0.16 kWh. The more you use the cheaper it gets…


@TateA nice setup :smiley: …and electricity rates xD


very nice setup


Is this still profitable and what coins also you mine and how?


was mining xmr, at this time it is not profitable.