My drives aren’t showing up on my raid card


PN 538872-002

I’m wondering if they are the reason my drives aren’t showing up on my raid card. Note the “extra” connector.

The card is appears to be functioning. 3ware 9650SE-8LPML.
I have heard it’s possible to reflash the card to “IT mode” and then it just shows the drives in the OS (I think.)

I’m also using 120gb laptop drives and I found the compatibility list. They’re not on it… Would they not show up if in IT mode?


No idea with this hardare, but bumping it in case someone else can help :wink:


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did you try reboot? in windows right click device manager device list “scan for hardware changes” do not know about Linux if u use that or mac


The problem is that they aren’t showing up to the card itself in the card’s bios.


I’m using win 7 (64-bit).


that may mean that your disks are too large for its bios to handle. I recommend trying capacities of under 1tb to 2tb to confirm this.


I’m using 120gb drives. I got these drives for next to nothing… I was planning on replacing them as they failed (they’re REALLY old) with larger drives.
Here’s the rig:


I can tell you a card that isn’t a raid card but you can throw everything SATA at it here’s the part details:


Addonics 6G 10 port SATA PCIe 2X controller

the 10 drives appear as single drives on the OS, you use the OS to make RAID from them if u must.
I found it on Ebay awhile ago ideal for the small system / desktop to entry level server (SATA I, II, III) my system is mATX with 2 16x v2.0 PCIe 1 for plotting gpu other for disk controller till I setup the other rig then its storage and head unit (one for disks other to access them over network)
I’ve been happy with it so far. my pc now has 16 SATA III ports woohoo

can all be got from ebay cheaper 2nd hand but we all have our kinks


I wish spending money was an option. This appears to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. I don’t need a hardware raid. I wish I could find it cheaper. I have a $0 budget… and I’ve spent $60 (and a metric sh!t-ton of labor) already.


Everything I have was either given to me or ebay’ed super cheap.


maybe poke around places where dumpsters have tech in them like technicians or puter shops? its harder these days that tech gets recycled but I found a few gems in the past. some suburbs have kerbside hard rubbish removal that allow opportunists to salvage if people don’t leave it strewn all over the place.


Hi Still have this problem?

Normaly you should go into the setup of the card bios to configure the drives during boot.
It is a bit of a pain in the behind to do this…but then It should show drives in windows.