My miner hates a hard drive help

hi guys I have been mining and plotting for a few days now and have a problem with my latest hdd. it is mining for a bit and then stops but all the rest are working fine has anyone else had this problem?

Could be a bad drive…or connection. You didn’t give much details on your setup, but you can start with testing your hard drive.

hey ryan I still owe u a coin did u want it paid forward or back?
And I think that 1 of these hdd is a faster than the others and finishes a lot fasterCapture10

Oh your choice… I do like other people hanging around on the forum helping though :slight_smile:

Yeah, that hard drive is scanning over twice as fast.

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I got them all made at centercom and they are all suppose to be ironwolf hdd but I think the may have ran out and put something different in so the next time I shut down for updates I will pull it and another 1 apart and check.

And I will pay that coin forward then to someone on this forum thanks again for your help ryan

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